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The Wall at Yad Vashem

Rescuer Sidor’s name is included on the Wall at Yad Vashem as a “Righteous Among The Nations”, an honorific used by the State of Israel to describe non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews from extermination by the Nazis.

The basic conditions for granting the title are:

  1. Active involvement of the rescuer in saving one or several Jews from the threat of death or deportation to death camps
  2. Risk to the rescuer’s life, liberty or position
  3. The initial motivation being the intention to help persecuted Jews: i.e. not for payment or any other reward such as religious conversation of the saved person, adoption of a child, etc.
  4. The existence of testimony of those who were helped or a least unequivocal documentation establishing the nature of the rescue and its circumstances.