Teaching your students about the Holocaust,
and the good and the evil that rests in the human psyche,
empowers your students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Fanya's signature

As one of the last of the generation of Holocaust survivors, Fanya has been able to turn the world into a classroom where the primary message is to embrace tolerance and refute evil in all its manifestations.

Fanya continues to speak at public and private schools, institutions of higher education and at conferences held for educators as well as government officials. For the inner-city students, Fanya is someone they can look up to, someone who more readily understands growing up in a world of privation and fear. For the college students and educators, Fanya is imparting to them tools on how to inspire and guide younger generations as they are taught the vital lessons of tolerance and peace. And for city and state officials and members of government, Fanya stands as a beacon for those who have within their power to effect civil change.